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TAP’s groundbreaking software solution has changed the landscape of Business Management Solutions – from managing outsourced labor needs to providing a real-time view into overall spend and producing predictive, intelligent analytics.

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Manage All Your Outsourced
Business Operations

TAP automates the entire process—from the sourcing, hiring and tracking to the accounting and payment for your outsourced workforce from one app.

One App Solution

Make Adjustments
and Stay on Budget

Make course corrections now, when it matters—not when it’s too late and you’re already over budget. Real-time performance metrics make all the difference.

One App Solution

Recognize Immediate ROI—Saving Time and Money

And TAP’s groundbreaking data analytics package allows you to predict future spend—and identify potential opportunities for increased efficiency and savings.

Simplified Solutions

TAP Outsourcing Tools

There is a critical need to have real-time performance metrics to make immediate adjustments to budgets—and avoid cost overruns. And there is an opportunity for predictive analytics to find new efficiencies and manage future operational needs.

The 1TAP Platform

A Cloud-Based Vendor
Management System

Seamlessly integrates the client, the vendor, the consultant and the project together to enable the real-time management of resources through one transparent platform.

1TAP provides a single point of contact for managers, vendors and consultants to house all of the pieces involved in those processes—from sourcing and managing, to invoicing and payment.

  • Simplifies the business of doing business
  • Easy, remote access on any mobile device
  • One shared, transparent communication platform
  • Intuitive, simple and easy to use
  • Delivers immediate ROI

"TAP has provided us with a unique platform to track all of our vendor relationships in real-time and it’s already having an impact on how we manage these critical relationships.
“With TAP’s software, the entire process is automated, providing the ability to view and manage budgets in real-time with a keystroke.”

Michelle Gelroth

Director of IT
Aspen Valley Hospital, Colorado

"There is no other Vendor Management Solution in the marketplace that rivals TAP.
Providing transparency into project resource life cycles—from vendor management to time and materials—is critical in managing the project budget. The entire solution is easy to use, mobile and provides a real-time view. Their roots show from living in the industry and learning from it."

Chuck Podesta

CIO, UC Irvine Health
University of California Healthcare

“TAP has identified key underlying business challenges and has designed a sophisticated software solution to address and solve them.
TAP automates the entire process of managing vendors over a common, transparent platform that increases efficiencies in the overall project lifecycle. TAP’s advanced, secure cloud-based solution was designed to be mobile and can be accessed via their mobile application, regardless of user location.”

Charles Boicey, MS, RN-BC, CPHIMS

Chief Innovation Officer

“TAP Solutions puts the power back in the hands of its clients to manage the vendor and consultant process themselves, rather than outsourcing the process and creating another layer of management.
With TAP’s platform, the entire process is automated—providing the ability to view and manage budgets in real-time. And it can be done from anywhere with TAP’s mobile App.”

Brian Symonds

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